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orient yourself awakening protocol series

orient your self

awakening protocol series

Workshops are available for a year long study, drop-in, or on-line. Experience the profound benefit of consecutive, monthly breath-work deep dive’s, and a safe and grounded container for your growth.

Awakening, or coming into and developing as Self, is an alchemical process. This workshop series will address the different aspects of the mind, body, and spirit that need to be supported and actualized on the Journey into awakening. When healing, or optimizing our aliveness, there are different quadrants on the wheel of life, all of which must be met for our system to thrive. Additionally, some doors and gates must be related with and opened on the mythic Journey from self to Self. Each workshop will teach a dynamic practice that strengthens and cultivates Self and culminates in a curated breath-work ceremony to clear emotional and psychic blocks & tonify the arena of focus. Create the inner environment, and develop the orientation for Awakening.

1. Fortifying Foundation 4/14 2:30-5 
In this workshop, we will discuss groundbreaking nutrition essentials, self-care, and back to nature basics. Renature your system. This segment of the yearlong series will make simple the essential nutritional and lifestyle building blocks to give your organs, tissue, fascia, and nervous system the ingredients it needs to heal, and thrive. Stacy and special guest teacher and medicine man Eric Wallace will share the key info, meditations, and practices you need to nourish the soil of your system to optimally uptake the upcoming workshops and up-regulate your internal environment for your personal well being and mission. Increase energy, vitality, and grounded connection.

2. Empower Your Poles. 5/5 2:30-5
Learn to engage and integrate your feminine and masculine poles, and create an intimacy with Self and Other. We will do Inner Dialogue and relational practices to develop and empower complete cycles of communication with-in and with-out and allow the power of the emotional realm to cultivate consciousness. We will also use the Imago blueprint to explore polarity dynamics.

3. Welcome Your Throne. 6/9 2:30-5
This workshop will revolve around making friends with your shame and Wounded Child Archetype, and transforming it into, present, authentic, Self-inspired, and Self contained energy.

4. Free Your Love. 8/4 2:30-5

Our heart is the great alchemist in our body-mind system. We are always either opening or closing. Get in touch with your defense mechanisms, which unchecked show up like many varieties of automatic closures or unconscious no’s in our life. They ultimately limit love and the transformative powers of our heart. Create new, in the moment, empowering contracts with this robust axis of your archetypal wheelhouse.

5. Claim Your voice. 10/6 2:30-5
We will use Somatic embodiment practices to connect our gut with our voice and expression. Create the habit and neurological pathways of dropping in and connecting to truth in all of your life decisions and actions, big and small. Develop a clear path into your authenticity.

6. See in the dark. 11/3 2:30-5
We will learn meditations and practice tools for psychic hygiene to clear your body and inner landscape, and illuminate your inner seeing and knowing. Light up your internal grid, cultivate intimacy with your inner world, and gain authority within your field of creation. The second half of this workshop will be a Soul Retrieval/ Past Life Journey. Gain insight into your Soul’s Path, clear blocks, and gain Ancestral support.

7. Own Your crown. 12/1 2:30-5
This final workshop will be a Creativity masterclass. Our body-mind vehicle is a brilliant instrument made to ground creative energy from the Collective into form. We will do exercises to open and cultivate a connection with the Universe, your guides, and practice bringing unadulterated divinated notion into form. Empower your Creator.s 

All sessions will be held at RA MA Institute, 316 W Lincoln Blvd, Venice

If you’d like to do the year long and can’t make a date or two, you can access those via the online portal