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There are so many ways to explore yourself, and to explore healing, and awakening. I work with healing by offering myself as an ally to your Soul and to your watcher. Our Selves have many aspects to it. Aspects is one way to call it, or many parts, personalities, flavors, gifts, specialists, Archetypes. They all have energy, and qualities, motivation and assignments within our psycho- spiritual constitution. 

When it comes to what brought you to this site, the fact of the matter is, every one of us had things, big or small, that did not get us, or align with us, or attune with us and our essential needs in our upbringing. The parts of our early environment that were tricky, or aggressive, or lacking, inspired in our young body minds a way of working with some of our aspects that protected and/ or defended our tenderness from our lacking and/ or aggressive environments. When we are babies, when we are young, we are soft and alive and have vulnerable needs. These needs NEED to be met by others. That’s just the way it is. And our environment, our primary care givers either met these needs, or didn’t. And of course actually some combination of met and unmet parts. Where those needs weren’t met, our Consciousness developed a way to work with it. You are here so I know it did. You got through and there were ways that you did.

Later in life, once we leave home, most times the quality of environment changes, but often times we still hold on to those old, and once necessary settings. They are held in our mind, and our body, and quite literally in our neuro- and somatic patterning. I have found they are also held in our beliefs, which continue to reinforce the pattern. Often times once the environment changes, we no longer need those settings either.

I assist as a detective to watch and hear and notice and reflect where your patterning is different from your natural, creative, powerful, pure essence. We all have essence. We all have a Self. We all got a pool of idea, and passion, and creativity, and of our unique genius. If you are not easily living in a feeling of 'i can learn and grow and develop', of curiosity, of creative notion, of connection with Self and others and nature and science- then you aren’t sourcing in Self. It’s that simple. And to source from something other than Self is suffer-full. Things feel dry and irritating, and like a problem. 

And then theres a second arrow! Upholding this posture carries an additional rub. To live in and uphold the defensive postures, that are made when our environment was in lack, takes a lot of energy from us. They take a lot of vigilance and attention and do it pretty feisty like. Of course they are feisty, they are survival based so they don’t let much through. They can’t, they are set to help that young one survive in an under nurturing, and/ or under resourced environment. And they are based on lack so still are responding to an environment of lack (which is likely not any longer there).  So being in this posture for a long time, we get tired, we get exhausted and under-inspired. This becomes who we think we are. And one day we say ‘wow i’m depressed’. Or we are always doing things so exactly safe and right and perfect. And we get exhausted from that, but letting our guard down would mean we aren’t safe so we just keep it up and we get anxious and agro. And then we hear from others, you are neurotic. It’s a difficult way to be.  

So this happens in any and every manner of way. And there we are. Really for most of us, our defense mechanisms are our most long standing friends, and the symptoms of their long time use in this fashion, become who we think we are. I must say though, thank goodness for suffering, for the aches and pains of our experience and our body. The exhaustion and it’s symptoms, the break down of the body, the sad and the neurotic discomfort. They make us wake up and start to ask, why me? Why is a smile so easy to others and why am I stuck in this painful place?

Lucky for us, our essence and our body talks to us through sensation, and feeling, and through aches, and pains. Whats more they will tell the story if you can sink in and listen. Really it’s all in there. No not in your thoughts, I bet you’ve tried to work it out there already. Your Mind can help organize the messages later on, but the messages we are looking for are alive in your body. There is so much information and direction and knowing. In a session with me, I sit and watch and listen and help you stop avoiding the messages. I assist you in coming into the listening and how to ask the questions, and to catch and hear the patterns. To listen to the dream that is your life, and the messages in the dream. In time, you learn to become the listening and develop quite a robust dialogue with the body and it’s needs and resources. Through this listening, Self gets found, and paid attention to. It gets circulated and fed, and in time becomes the axis to the wheel where the spokes each contain aspects that assist with heir gifts and abilities. Life begins to be created and developed naturally from there, with all of our parts playing a part at thriving. Instead of playing a part at surviving. 

You know what, it’s quite something. It really is quite something. To me, the journey is an absolute blast, and engaging in it is a relief. 



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